Specialist business training that adapts to you

‘People’ based training to support team development,
communication, leadership, conflict, and culture.

Why choose Savant?

Instead of accredited training – which applies a ‘one size fits all’ approach – our business training solutions are flexible and designed specifically for the needs of your business and teams. We work with you at a time that suits your busy schedule to develop solutions that will support your workplace.


Our principal trainer and coach, Jess, has completed extensive leadership training, including a Masters in Business Administration. Jess specialises in ‘people’ based business training, including team development, leadership, service, communication, change, conflict, and culture.


Teams enjoy the relaxed and fun learning environment Jess fosters, particularly because she brings plenty of enthusiasm and laughs to the experience.

How can I help your business?

Jess has developed her skill set over ten years of management in the hospitality industry, specialising in leadership and team development. And after delivering over 400 hours of accredited training, she knows what works – and what doesn’t.


At Savant Australia, our priority is to grow people to grow business. It’s the mantra we live by every day – because businesses succeed when their people are the number one priority.

What's on offer

Savant Australia offers a wide variety of services and has extensive networks throughout Tasmania. We partner with key professionals in a variety of fields to ensure you have the right solution for your business.


  • Workplace business training customised perfectly to your team
  • DISC, Driving Forces, and Emotional Quotient profiling
  • Workplace and leadership coaching
  • Workplace skills assessments, gap analysis and training reviews

Core values you can rely on

We enact our values each and everyday


Personal and professional growth is a lifelong journey that’s inspired only by an open mind. We value the continuous drive to learn more, each and every day.




Positive relationships are pivotal to business success. We value relationships and focus our efforts on building stronger, deeper connections with every team we work with.




We understand that not all businesses operate 9-5. We value flexibility and offer services that meet the needs of your business regarding both time and content.




Most of us spend as much time at work as we do asleep. We value authenticity and humour in the workplace, so you don’t waste precious hours being miserable at work.



Jess Jansz: trainer, coach and team development geek

I’m in business to help YOUR business succeed and thrive.

A proven track record

Savant Australia provides business training and coaching solutions right across Tasmania and Australia

Want to know more?

Sitting here right now, you have two options – to stick with the status quo OR


Take action to grow your people, so they can grow your business.

Behavioural Profiling

Gain a deeper understanding of yourself and your team to develop a more connected workforce.

Workplace Training

Flexible, non-accredited, people-based training programs that are customised for your business.

Workplace Coaching

Individual and team coaching to support workplace training and achieve the outcomes you want.

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