Behavioural Profiling

Providing the foundation for valuable workplace training and coaching

We all know that everyone is different. And we can communicate these differences in a straightforward and easy-to-understand way through behavioural profiling and reporting.


This multi-science approach has become a valuable foundational tool in the training and coaching services offered by Savant Australia.


Profiling typically starts with an eye-opening self-awareness experience before progressing into a deeper understanding of those around us. Participants can choose from either a Single, Double, or Triple Science approach, depending on the outcomes they are trying to achieve.


Let’s take a look at our three behavioural profiling reports

The standout functions include:


Developing self-awareness

Awareness of others

Leadership development

Managing and motivating others

Building communication aptitude

Having difficult conversations

Team development and cohesiveness

Change and culture management

Customer service and sales

DISC Assessment Tool

DISC Assessment Tool

DISC determines how we prefer to behave and communicate, and it’s one of the world’s leading behavioural science assessments.


The straightforward four-quadrant framework measures how we respond to:

Problems and Challenges (Dominance)

People and Contact (Influence)

Pace and Consistency (Steadiness)

Procedures and Constraints (Compliance)


Our fit into this framework can differ when we’re at home compared to how we behave at work.


We can even move in and out of each quadrant as we achieve different tasks. However, some tasks may leave us feeling more drained than others – which our DISC profile can explain.


DISC reporting holds many benefits to both an individual and an organisation.

DRIVING Forces Report

Driving Forces Report

This profile puts a framework around 12 different values and factors to make it easier to understand and communicate with others.


To understand why people do what they do, what excites them, and how to keep them engaged and motivated in the workplace, we need to understand their driving forces.


But, of course, it’s always our most authentic values that will be our greatest motivators.


The 12 driving forces measured in this report include:

Knowledge: Intellectual vs Instinctive

Utility: Resourceful vs Selfless

Surroundings: Harmonious vs Objective

Others: Altruistic vs Intentional

Power: Commanding vs Collaborative

Methodologies: Structured vs Receptive

EMOTIONAL Quotient Report

Emotional Quotient Report

Emotional intelligence is quickly becoming just as important as IQ ranking in modern-day business.


Studies continually show that people with high emotional intelligence levels make superior leaders and are more effective in management positions.


The Emotional Quotient is a measure of our ability to apply emotional intelligence to situations. 


This simple-to-understand model measures our capacity to identify and regulate our own emotions, those around us, and how we use emotional energy to reach our goals.


Above all, this report is excellent for building self-awareness, empathy, and social skills.

Wondering how behavioural profiling fits into your business?

We recommend profiling as a starting point for all our business training and coaching plans.

Whether you choose a single, double or triple science report, we can help you find the right solution for your team and budget.

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