What is DISC reporting?

A great self-awareness tool


DISC is one of the world’s leading behavioural science assessments, taken by millions every year. The simplicity of DISC is its straightforward, four-quadrant framework. Where you might fit into this framework can differ from when you are at home, to who you are at work. It’s not that the person you are at work is inauthentic; you have different priorities and have learned other work skills. We want to highlight that there is no right or wrong, better or worse profile and you can move in, and out of these quadrants as you need, it just takes a little more energy.


The four quadrants measured by DISC include Dominance, Influence, Steadiness & Compliance.


Let’s take our head facilitator Jess’s DISC profile. We can see that she is naturally high D, even higher I, low S and even lower C – but when she’s at work, she has learnt to bring down her D and increase her C. When you get to know Jess a little more, you’ll soon see that bringing down her I takes way too much work, so she just rolls with it.


If all of this talk of I’s, S’s, D’s with C’s has captured your interest, we can help facilitate your report and a report for those around you. The profile that you will receive is based on scientific research and will be easy to understand. These reports are also great for exploring your behaviours, strengths, weaknesses, and how you communicate.


We also offer team coaching sessions to work through your reports as a team.

Jess's Disc Profile.


We also provide training workshops on all things DISC, Motivators and EQ that we would be more than happy to bring to your team.

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