What is Driving Forces reporting?

We explore motivators and values in this space

Driving Forces

At Savant, we are certified to facilitate the 12 Driving Forces™ report, released by TTISI.

This report explains why people do what they do, what excites them and how to keep them engaged in the workplace.


The 14-page report measures:

  • Intellectual – loves opportunities to learn
  • Instinctive – looks for specific knowledge when necessary
  • Resourceful – driven to maximise both efficiencies and return on investment
  • Selfless – loves the completion of tasks, without personal return
  • Harmonious – impacted by the aesthetics in their surroundings
  • Objective – needs functionality in their surroundings
  • Altruistic – loves opportunities to assist others – for anything
  • Intentional – will assist others for a specific purpose
  • Commanding – led by status, recognition and control
  • Collaborative – loves contributing with little need for recognition
  • Structured – driven by traditional approaches
  • Receptive – seeks innovation
Business Meeting.

When we speak motivators, we talk about the person’s most authentic values. Personalities and behaviours are easier to overcome when working in a team; however, a difference in values is challenging. What if these issues are present in your workplace, and you didn’t know why?

Let us support you in finding out.


If you want to see Jess’s report, reach out. She is only too happy to share.


We also provide training workshops on all things DISC, Motivators and EQ that we would be more than happy to bring to your team.

Want to know more about Driving Forces, Double or Triple Science reports?

You can choose to complete a single, double or triple science report.

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