What is Emotional Quotient reporting?

EQ reporting evaluates your ability to recognise and regulate emotions in yourself and others

Emotional Quotient

Do you have the ability to recognise your own emotions and the emotions in those around you? Even better, do you have the ability to regulate these emotions or support others in regulation? This is essentially what Emotional Quotient (Intelligence) is.


I’m sure you have had a manager in your career with impeccable emotional intelligence or perhaps a manager with shocking emotional intelligence… what impact did this have on you?


Which side do you think you fall into?

Business meeting.

If your curious to find out exactly where you are, we are certified to facilitate the TTI Emotional Quotient™ report.


This 13-page report is designed to measure:

  • Self-Awareness
  • Self-Regulation
  • Motivation
  • Empathy
  • Social Skills


Through awareness comes growth. This easy to understand report highlights where you are right now, and by spending time with our coaches – you can set goals for where you want to be, and we can support you in getting there!


We also provide training workshops on all things DISC, Motivators and EQ that we would be more than happy to bring to your team.

Want to know more about Emotional Quotient, Double or Triple Science reports?

You can choose to complete a single, double or triple science report.

Get in touch to find the right combination for you.