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Individual Coaching

We’ve all heard the term ‘coach’ but what does that really mean?


At Savant, we believe a coach is there to inspire thought, support growth, and hold you accountable for what you want to achieve.


The key to coaching is that you drive the sessions, not us. We journey where you need and want to go, with only the highest regard and support.


At Savant, we focus on Leadership, Professional Development, Career and Business coaching, with a strong emphasis on where you want to be, rather than where you are now. We have a remarkable range of activities that can help support your journey, but if you just want to talk things out, we can do that too! The key here is that it’s up to you.

Our Scope

Don’t get us confused with life coaching, counselling or professional mental support; however, we do have some great networks in those fields and are happy to put you in touch.


However, if you’re after a more hands-on approach on your journey, we can blend coaching with a touch of advice and training – you just need to take that first step.


Jess Jansz, our head coach has completed her Certificate IV in Business and Personal Coaching. This nationally recognised training also aligns with the International Coach Federation (ICF) Training.


Jess is an active member of the ICF and is working her way towards Associate Certified Coach (ACC) status. With just a few more coaching hours, she will get there!

Want to know more about Coaching?

Whether you’re after a training and coaching combo or coaching on its own,

we can find the right mix for you.