Individual Development Packages

One-to-one blended coaching and training packages to boost your professional growth

Isn’t it time to invest in the right blend of support you need to succeed?


Our packages combine specific tools, training and guidance to help you achieve the results you want. 


You’ll benefit from five monthly focused sessions, comprehensive behavioural profiling to gain a deeper understanding of your existing skills and strengths, plus direct email support from our principal trainer and coach, Jess.


Let’s take a closer look at the topics you can explore.

New Leaders Program

Whether the time has come for your small business to begin employing staff or you’ve been promoted to a new role in a larger corporation, we have the perfect support to help you master any potential challenges and thrive.


Session One: Session of Self

Session Two: Emotional Intelligence

Session Three: Values

Session Four: Leadership Styles

Session Five: Understanding Communication

Established Leaders Program

If you’re stepping up through the corporate world, our Established Leaders Program is just the right blend of training and coaching to draw out your personal strengths and help you develop successful leadership techniques.


Session One: Session of Self

Session Two: Emotional Intelligence

Session Three: Having Difficult Conversations

Session Four: Team Development

Session Five: Understanding Time Management

Expert Communicator Program

Gain a deeper understanding of your own behavioural style and learn advanced methods of communication to improve awareness of others, conduct difficult conversations, and manage and motivate others in the workplace.


Session One: Session of Self

Session Two: Emotional Intelligence

Session Three: Communication Barriers

Session Four: Communication – How-To

Session Five: Having Difficult Conversations

Time Management Program

Discover new ways to make your hours stretch further without ever feeling burnt out. Our Time Management Program is aimed at small business owners who want to learn how to be more productive and less stressed.


Session One: Session of Self

Session Two: Understanding Available Time

Session Three: Prioritisation

Session Four: Delegation

Session Five: Goal Setting

Ready to take your skills to new heights?

Don’t leave your business journey to chance. We’re ready to train, guide, and coach you to the next level, no matter what stage you’re at. 


We offer two easy payment options


Single payment: $1895

(pay in full and save $100)


Monthly plan: $995 to get started, then four (4) monthly payments of $250

(total cost of $1995)

Support for building strong teams and successful businesses

Here at Savant Australia, we offer custom-built training and business coaching solutions to fit your business, your industry, and your budget.


Flexible options for even the busiest schedules. 

Behavioural Profiling

Gain a deeper understanding of yourself and your team to develop a more connected workforce.

Workplace Training

Flexible, non-accredited, people-based training programs that are customised for your business.

Workplace Coaching

Individual and team coaching to support workplace training and achieve the outcomes you want.

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