Strategic Action Planning

Collaborate with us to develop a tailored, comprehensive strategic action plan that aligns with your business’s unique needs and priorities. Together, we’ll chart a roadmap for success, complete with clear objectives, timelines, and optimised resource utilisation, unlocking unparalleled success and elevating your competitive edge.

Savant Australia’s strategic development approach is a dynamic fusion of business planning that seamlessly integrates the business’s guiding principles with clear strategic direction and actions.

In this hybrid method, your BusinessIQ data takes priority, ensuring alignment of your directional goals and objectives for sustainable business growth.

We provide a facilitated approach to strategic direction development, blending our expertise as qualified business advisors, coaches, and trainers with your in-depth knowledge of your business, team, customers, and industry.

In our sessions, serious discussions about strategy coexist harmoniously with conversation, banter, and interactive activities. It’s more than just planning; it’s about cultivating a collaborative atmosphere that brings out the best in you and your team.

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Strategic Action Planning with Savant Australia is specifically tailored to you and your business, with your unique objectives at the forefront of everything we do.

Elevate your team's potential with Savant Australia's people-centric training solutions. From enhancing communication and leadership skills to navigating conflict and shaping a positive corporate culture, we specialise in comprehensive team development. Our services encompass business advice, coaching, and support, offering expertise in team building, leadership training, change management, employee management, and strategic business planning. Invest in your team's success with Savant Australia's tailored solutions for holistic organisational growth.

Who is this for?

Strategic Action Planning serves as a business roadmap, requiring meaningful, yet open-minded contribution, ownership and commitment from decision-makers and change leaders within the organisation.

While all staff members can contribute to the process, this service is designed for individuals of influence within a business.

Why do we love strategic planning?

As a team, our deep fulfilment in assisting others with their strategic plans is rooted in an authentic desire to witness businesses grow.

The personal satisfaction we feel comes from the understanding that we’ve played a meaningful role in supporting their growth and contributing to their success. Our connection is genuine, driven by a passion for fostering positive change in the businesses and lives of those we work with.

For us, it’s more about sharing our knowledge to help people and organisations on their sustainable growth journeys, with the hope that, one day, they can pay it forward.

Benefits of Strategic & Directional Planning

Expert facilitation and guidance, with an objective and unbiased approach.

Streamlined process, minimising time away from business operations.

Supported planning to aid resource allocation.

Get metrics to track progress towards your goals and objectives.

Set yourself apart from others and gain a competitive advantage.

Ability to get buy-in from employees without impacting your schedule.

All of these advantages collectively save you valuable time, energy, and resources, enabling you to redirect your focus towards what you love!
Your success story begins with a single decision – schedule your strategy session now and redefine what’s possible for your business. 

Fast forward to the moment you complete your Strategic Directional plan with us. How do you feel?

You know what we see?

→ Clarity in your direction and decision-making.

→ Clear and measurable targets and milestones.

→ Optimal resource allocation.

→ A workforce that is taking more ownership and responsibility.

Begin your journey by completing our BusinessIQ assessment. Then, we’ll schedule a personalised session to discuss your results, pinpoint your priorities, and explore your business values and purpose.

Next, our dedicated team will collaboratively craft a draft plan tailored to your vision. With the plan in hand, the reins are in your grasp to initiate the implementation of steps that lead to your targeted milestones.

Let’s embark on a journey together, co-creating a roadmap that nurtures your business growth, turning aspirations into tangible achievements.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do we incorporate in your plan?

We factor in your business values, vision, mission and purpose with the results from your BusinessIQ assessment. We facilitate the development of your strategic priorities, goals and milestones and wrap it up in a nice little metaphoric bow.

What do you incorporate in your plan?

We factor in your business values, vision, mission and purpose with the results from your BusinessIQ assessment. We facilitate the development of your strategic priorities, goals and milestones and wrap it up in a nice little meteoric bow.

How long does the process typically take?

This depends on the size of the business, the number of core contributors and the amount of employee engagement required to complete the draft. The time is also greatly effected by the review and approval process, including the quantity of amendments and delays in providing feedback.

Our standard process involves an initial investment of 2-3 hours in collaborative discussions with you. Subsequently, our team dedicates approximately 4-8 hours behind the scenes to meticulously craft the draft of your strategic plan. Following this, we reconvene for a comprehensive 1-2 hour session to discuss the draft, incorporating minor changes in real-time, while substantial amendments are meticulously addressed outside the session. Then presto!

Who should be involved in the process?

Our core sessions primarily cater to business owners and leadership, ensuring focused and tailored strategic discussions. Additionally, we often integrate a brief workshop into team meetings to gather valuable insights directly from employees, fostering a holistic understanding of the organisational landscape. This dual approach allows us to align leadership vision with frontline perspectives, creating a comprehensive foundation for strategic development.

How often should a business engage in strategic development?

Plans are generally designed to cover a 12-24 month period.

It’s imperative to emphasize that this isn’t a set-and-forget document. Rather, it’s a dynamic and evolving plan that is meant to be seamlessly integrated into daily operations for maximum and sustained success.

Book a casual chat with one of our team to see if we might be the right fit for your business.

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