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Team Coaching

We’ve all sat through great (and boring) training at some point in our life, in a classroom with the trainer lecturing you, with a wonderfully presented workbook. Think about what happens when you get back to work… blissfully inspired for maybe 48 hours? Then what? Your back to your usual style, no doubt.


Don’t get us wrong, we start with highly engaging (not boring) training too, but we prefer to bring it to you, in your workplace – in a time that suits you. You still get your wonderfully presented workbook and even a few other goodies, but what if you had someone to hold you (and your team) accountable for enacting this training in real-time, so you can DO something with it?

What we do

This is where our team coaching philosophy comes to light. You might be curious as to what team coaching is? It runs off the same principles as individual coaching, ‘to inspire thought, support growth, and hold you accountable for what you want to achieve’; however, now we’re talking about these things as a group. We emphasise where you want to be, and how you can get there – together!


We can coach you and your team through training implementation, team communication, team growth & productivity and even team conflict. Interested?


Jess Jansz, our head coach has completed her Certificate IV in Business and Personal Coaching. This nationally recognised training also aligns with the International Coach Federation (ICF) Training.


Jess is an active member of the ICF and is working her way towards Associate Certified Coach (ACC) status. With just a few more coaching hours, she will get there!

Want to know more about Coaching?

Whether you’re after a training and coaching combo or coaching on its own,

we can find the right mix for you.