Workplace Training

Flexible, non-accredited training programs customised for your business

Let’s be honest. Most teams don’t love attending training days.


The sessions are often tedious and full of long lectures or meaningless worksheets. That’s why our customised training options work so well.


In fact, your team will find our approach so relaxed and relatable; they won’t even realise they’re learning.


Most importantly, we combine a fun learning environment with plenty of enthusiasm and laughs to help grow the people who’ll grow your business. Because businesses succeed when their people are the number one priority.


If you want to build a thriving workplace, our workplace training solutions and coaching support will make it happen.

Training designed for INDIVIDUALS


Understanding others



Strengths and weaknesses

Values and purpose

Engagement and motivators

Setting priorities and goals

Attitudes and job satisfaction


Improving performance

Team development

Staff induction

Performance reviews

Managing conflict

Having difficult conversations

Delegation and time management

Leading meetings

Decision making and problem-solving

Training designed for MANAGERS

Training designed for BUSINESS

Customer engagement

Behavioural buying styles

Serving difficult customers

Value proposition

Strategic thinking

Mission, vision and values

SWOT analysis

Power and politics

Change management

Workplace culture

Staff retention

Why specialised training is only the first step

Imagine you had someone supporting the implementation of the training program into your workplace and could monitor the training outcomes promised?


That’s where our qualified ICF member coaches come in. 


Experience has shown us that businesses often jump in, hoping that training will provide all the answers, that their staff will naturally jump on board with the lessons and change overnight.


However, in reality, change takes time. Even if you want it desperately. Think about the last training experience you had – how much did you enact right after the training?


Whether individually or as a team, we work with you to set goals, KPIs, or targets that help your business achieve real results. And having someone hold you accountable is the key element in reaching these goals.

Discover how we can meet your workplace training needs

We want you to get the most from your training, so you’re welcome to ‘pick and mix’ a solution that best suits you.

Or get in touch so we can help find the right blend for your team and budget.

Behavioural Profiling

Gain a deeper understanding of yourself and your team to develop a more connected workforce.

Workplace Coaching

Individual and team coaching to support workplace training and achieve the outcomes you want.

Development Packages

Blended training programs that are designed to take training one on one for real impact.

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